Tim began his Qigong over a decade ago and his curiosity was piqued from his very first class. He felt called to explore the ancient and curious healing practice and to share it with others.

Over the years he has been consistently mystified by the seemingly impossible and amazing things a person can accomplish with Qi (‘Chi’). Tim has been drawn deeper and deeper into the practice. He had found his purpose.

Excited and passionate about his studies, Tim knew he ultimately wanted to bring the healing properties and magic of Qigong to others. He started by teaching friends and family who noticed immediate benefits. Yet when he followed up and asked how their practice was going, he noticed a common thread. They just didn’t have the time to practice.

Discovering that time was the main reason holding his loved ones back from feeling better, Tim felt an ardent calling to expand what was possible and redefine ways to impart his knowledge. He began to develop his own system, combining a decade of training and practice while focusing on teaching the most efficient, effective, simple techniques and concepts that can be incorporated into any modern lifestyle. His goal was to develop a method in which anyone can feel better within minutes.

Tim strives to teach Qigong in a way that is accessible to all. He has even developed specific workshops for musicians, contractors, athletes, beauticians, and people who spend long periods sitting at a computer for work and has conducted them in workplace wellness programs for companies such as Twinings Tea.

Tim’s studies of internal energy practices have introduced him to many amazing concepts and lineages. It was an honor when Tim was taken on by his mentor, Sifu Gary McCabe, as an “Indoor Student” – a student who is chosen to have the most profound information and teachings of a particular lineage passed down to them. Tim holds a certification in Sifu McCabe’s LifeGate system.

In addition he has attended numerous workshops and seminars, holds 3 certifications in Spring Forest Qigong under Master Gadu, 2 Reiki Master certificates in Usui Reiki, and has trained with Sifu Legg. He has also traveled to Hong Kong to train with Sifu Nima King and Master Lok. He incorporates their styles of internal energy arts with his findings to constantly build on his own simplified system.

Tim continues to train weekly with his teacher to further strengthen his skills in his practice. He loves music, sunsets, the wonders of nature and energy. Tim is dedicated and passionate about sharing his knowledge to show people how to empower themselves. He loves to see others improve their health and well-being in fun and creative ways.